For many people , their is one of their most valuable assets; saving and taking loans to buy a new car or to upgrade into a new one. Owning a car in Egypt is a headache & a big source of stress for car owners for various reasons ranging from maintaining the car to driving in traffic & dealing with unforeseen events whether big or small.
Obtaining an insurance for your car will give you peace of mind when it comes to driving around Egypt, helping you reduce the headache related to owning a car by mitigating the risks you face whenever you turn the ignition and drive. And below we have a list of 7 reasons that makes car insurance in Egypt a MUST for you:


  1. No respect to the rules: Many drivers barely abide by the different traffic rules, routinely breaking them in ways that could lead to serious risks of accidents.


  1. Plenty of reckless drivers: From the aggressive microbus drivers to those (ashba7) who drive as if the streets were a racing track and the truck drivers who think they are riding a motorcycle. Our roads are full of dangerous individuals who put others at risk due to their reckless driving behaviours.


  1. Road conditions: Despite recent improvements to the road network around Egypt. Numerous roads are still far from perfect with plenty of unpleasant surprises that can damage your car and pose a danger to you. Our cars suffer from the surprising pot holes to the huge and sometimes informal speed bumps in the most random of places.


  1. Heavy traffic: Being a big nation with high population density in big cities, our traffic tends to be heavy at times with traffic jams being the norm. We end up spending hours in tightly packed roads inside the car sometimes multi-tasking while driving or merely losing concentration which leads to a lot of minor accidents during traffic like a hit from behind due to late breaking, etc…


  1. Tuktuks and motorcycles: These speedy vehicles have taken Egypt by storm, especially in rural areas. However, these annoying little vehicles are particularly risky down narrow streets, resulting in damaging your side mirrors, scratches or dents made to your car.


  1. Finding your car damaged while parked: You can park your car somewhere safe and you return and find it damaged either as a result of an accident by someone reckless or being vandalized somehow.


  1. Crazy car parts prices: In addition to all the expenditure involved with owning and driving a car in Egypt. Fixing a car is even more pricey, with authorized dealerships charging a fortune to repair even the most minor damages. Insuring your car would be more cost effective than paying to repair it every time. 
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7 Reasons why you should get car insurance in Egypt